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Camille Seville

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Lunch Break with Camille Seville

Camille Seville started in radio when it was cueing records at her High School's Regional Occupation Program (ROP). When she was 16, she received her Federal Communications Commission radio class license at her ROP radio station known as student-run KAUG 90.9FM, eventually landing an opportunity to become a Board Op for KOMY Watsonville.

Following her stint at KAUG and KOMY, she joined Magic 63 KIDD as a live radio announcer. Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, all artists within a format known as “Middle of the Road” was what populated her playlists. She was also a part of KDON from 1983 to 1989. Following her stint at KDON, she hosted a Saturday night requests and dedication oldies show at KHIP. From there, she joined 93.5 The Mix as a sales representative.

Her broadcasting career didn’t stop there. Following her departure from The Mix, Univision selling radio and TV spots was the next move, earning the title of “Queen of New Business”. Having great success in this pursuit, Camille was compelled to kickstart her own agency, dubbed I C.A.N. Advertise! When Camille isn’t producing commercials and bolstering small business, she can be found dancing, being a scarecrow when it is harvesting time for her garden and enjoying savory treats at her favorite bakery.