Understanding Our Audience, Connecting Your Brand

At KMBY, we pride ourselves on a rich tapestry of listeners that reflect the vibrant diversity of the Monterey Bay area and beyond. Our audience is as eclectic as our programming, spanning across various age groups, interests, and lifestyles. Here's a snapshot of the KMBY listener base, offering valuable insights into the people who could become your customers.

Age Groups

Baby Boomers: Loyal and established, this segment grew up with the classics and appreciates the nostalgia and timeless quality of our content.
Generation X: Balancing mature tastes with a modern outlook, they seek quality content that resonates with their diverse experiences.
Millennials: Socially savvy and culturally diverse, they tune in for our blend of contemporary relevance and classic appeal.

Interests and Lifestyles

Music Enthusiasts: From classic rock aficionados to those who love the soulful depths of blues and jazz, our listeners are passionate about music.
Community-Oriented: Engaged in local events and issues, our audience values community connection and supports local businesses and initiatives.
Active and Outdoorsy: Many listeners enjoy the natural beauty of our coastal region and are regularly involved in outdoor activities and environmental causes.

Spending Power and Habits

Affluent Professionals: With a significant portion of our audience comprising professionals, there's disposable income ready to be spent on quality products and experiences.
Culturally Invested: Our listeners value culture, education, and community, often investing in local arts, performances, and cultural events.
Tech-Savvy Consumers: Keeping up with the latest trends, our audience is well-informed and ready to invest in new technologies and innovative services.

Geographic Reach

Local and Global: While rooted in Monterey Bay, our live streaming service ensures a broader reach, engaging listeners from across the country and overseas who have an affinity for the region or have discovered us online.


Highly Engaged: Our listeners are not passive consumers; they actively participate in station events, online polls, and community forums.
Brand Loyal: Once they believe in a brand, they tend to be repeat customers and vocal advocates, often sharing their experiences with their networks.

Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive Audience: We welcome listeners from all walks of life, celebrating the diversity that makes our community unique and vibrant.
Multicultural Engagement: Our programming reflects a range of cultural perspectives, attracting a listenership that is diverse in background and experience.

Why This Matters for Advertisers

With KMBY's detailed understanding of our listener demographics, advertisers can tailor their messages for maximum relevance and impact. Whether your brand is local or global, niche or mainstream, our demographic insights empower you to make informed decisions and craft campaigns that resonate deeply with our audience.

Connect with KMBY to learn more about how our demographic reach can elevate your brand and drive your message home.