About Us

Welcome to KMBY Radio
Broadcasting the Best from the Bay

Dive into the rhythms and voices of the Central Coast and beyond. Located in the heart of Monterey, KMBY celebrates the spirit of our diverse community with the best daily shows that resonate not just within our coastline's borders but ripple outwards, touching souls far and wide. From the melodic undertones of our morning segments to the energetic beats of our prime time, our shows are a harmonious blend of content that enlightens, entertains, and embodies the very essence of the Central Coast. Whether you're here in Monterey or on the other side of the coast, tune in and become part of our ever-growing KMBY family.

  • Why We're Different

    At KMBY, we're not just another radio station – we're a community staple that's been bringing the best in music, news, and local culture to the airwaves for decades. With a deep understanding of our audience's preferences and a commitment to quality, KMBY offers a listening experience that's both familiar and exciting. Our blend of classic hits, engaging talk shows, and community-focused content sets us apart, making us a trusted voice in every household.

  • Our Reach

    Boasting a robust signal that blankets the region, KMBY reaches far beyond the conventional. Our programming doesn't just fill the airwaves; it resonates in the hearts and minds of a diverse listener base. We're proud to connect with individuals across a wide spectrum of ages and backgrounds, ensuring that our advertisers and partners benefit from extensive and impactful exposure.

  • Demographics

    The KMBY listener demographic is as varied as our programming. From Baby Boomers who grew up with the classic tracks we spin, to Gen Xers and Millennials who appreciate the timeless quality of great music and insightful talk, our audience represents a broad range of listeners. With a finger on the pulse of our community, we deliver content that speaks to all, providing an unmatched platform for engagement and connection.

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