Automobilia Collectors Expo: A New Chapter in Automotive Celebration

Automobilia Collectors Expo: A New Chapter in Automotive Celebration

After the departure of Automobilia Monterey, a beloved fixture in the automotive collectibles world for nearly two decades, the Automobilia Collectors Expo emerges as a beacon of innovation and continuity. Founded by industry stalwarts Ben Horton and Will Elkadi, this forward-looking expo promises a revitalized platform for collectors and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in automotive memorabilia.

Ben Horton, boasting over three decades of experience in prestigious automotive events worldwide, brings unparalleled expertise to the table. His leadership at Hortons Books, a premier authority in automotive literature, and his advisory roles with esteemed motoring libraries underscore his profound influence on automotive culture. Horton's dedication not only lends authenticity to the expo but also enriches its cultural significance.

Will Elkadi, renowned for his pivotal role in creating the #1 resource guide for Monterey Car Week and co-founding the Hammer Down Automobilia Auction, offers over 25 years of expertise in PR, digital publication, and event production. His efforts have elevated automotive events on a global scale, ensuring the expo's prominence.

"Innovation and community are at the heart of the Automobilia Collectors Expo," Elkadi affirmed. "Building upon the heritage of Automobilia Monterey, our aim is to elevate the experience for vendors and attendees alike, establishing our expo as a cornerstone event for collectors worldwide."

The expo promises a dynamic experience, featuring a car display and an exclusive VIP networking event, fostering connections within the collector community. "Our goal is to create an environment that not only showcases the finest collectibles but also nurtures meaningful connections," Horton added.

With Horton's global experience and Elkadi's local insights, the expo offers a diverse perspective. "Our extensive network enables us to create an event that resonates with enthusiasts and collectors worldwide," Elkadi emphasized.

As the Automobilia Collectors Expo prepares for its debut, the founders extend a warm invitation to past participants and newcomers. The expo embodies a shared passion for automotive culture, ensuring the legacy of automotive collectibles thrives.

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