Monterey Wine Festival

Jun 15, 2024
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Monterey Conference Center, 1 Portola Plaza, Monterey, CA, 93940

Now in its 45th year The Monterey Wine Festival has established itself as the premier wine & food event in Monterey. Saturday & Sunday lucky guests will find savoring bites of wonderful foods that pair well with great wines. Live music on the patio, supports great views and good times.

Included in the Saturday Ticket Price is a Chowdah Challenge & Celebration!

Professional chefs from the West Coast have participated over the years providing extraordinary chowders and in the 45th Annual Monterey Wine Festival these restaurants are coming to pay homage to their own special & customer favorite chowders – the legendary stuff. Clam and Seafood Chowders are simmered to perfection and the order of the day. Guests can sample these previous award winning chowders, pick their own personal favorites and simple enjoy cuisine that has become synonymous with Monterey and coastal destinations. Of course wines that pair with chowders will also be available and enhance the flavor celebration even further. A smorgasboard of tasty accompaniments including international cheeses and gourmet selections from “The Big Board” round out the chowders and add to the mix and matching of perfection that appeals to any number of palates.

Included in the Sunday Ticket Price is another seaworthy celebration.
Highlights are our Kings of Calamari and Masters of Mussels! Different seasonings and flavor combinations allow for a delicious taste on this day along with a continuation of “The Big Board” offering an array of international cheeses, charcuterie and more. Guests continue the celebration with a mouth-watering experience from both the wineries and spirits and bounty of food. Along with all these festival ingredients live music is the final sensation that further ensures a ultimate winning combination. Wine, Food, Spirits, Music! Aaa hhh!

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